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Friday Somewhere Sweatshirt

Image of Friday Somewhere Sweatshirt

We are overjoyed to unveil the finest street-legal leisurewear on the market. Some might call it a sweatshirt. Others know it as it a snacking uniform, a fireside companion, a gravy cuddler, a dry jacuzzi, or sweatpants for your upper bod.

This fine article of clothing is forged from a state of the art blend of both cotton and polyester. It incorporates our classic Friday Somewhere graphics in multicolor plastisol printing techniques on both the front and back of the garment.

Impress onlookers with your knowledge of fashion and comfort. Limited quantities available. If we don't have your size, get a bigger one. If we don't have a bigger one, get one for your little friend. Just get one quick because we only made 25 of them.