Bargain Beach


Fun Day At A Time Tee by Will Bryant

Image of Fun Day At A Time Tee by Will Bryant

Just in time for that sunny hot part of the year, we give you our latest half baked concept cooked up by the booze-addled maniacs in our world renown Tom Foolery Division™. Roll them sleeves up. Hell, cut 'em off if you want. What do we care? It's Fun Day At A Time!

We are overjoyed to have this one illustrated by none other than the perpetually delightful Will Bryant. And the guy just really knocked it out of the proverbial baseball park on this one, hotdogs and all. If you are unfamiliar, behold his prolific body of work at

This 20-of-a-kind tee features a state of the art printing technique that uses not only the front of the garment, but also the back. Just another innovation courtesy of your friends at Bargain Beach. And as always, printed in an exceedingly limited edition on 100% cotton.

All photography was shot on a 35mm Pentax K1000 by the immaculate Baker Poulshock. We highly recommend you peruse his photography at your leisure. Find him at, or follow him on the 'gram or the tumbls.

Last but not least we would be remiss without crediting the two Fun Day Founders, Andrew Merlin Sprouse and Joshua Lance Shelton. They're also the ones with the bods inside of the shirts in the pictures. For talent booking information, murmer a wish into the Willamette breeze on a sunny day over an ice cold Modelo. They'll be there in no time.